The 13 Stones

How do you get from A to B? Simple question, many times a complex answer. What lies between A and B? What is the distance between the two? Does someone else want B? The list of potential obstacles and difficulties is virtually endless. At any point, you can allow these difficulties to steer you away from your goal, or even cause you to abandon your dream altogether.

There are countless books (self help, business, etc.), religious texts, people with advice, videos (the list is about as long as the potential obstacles) that offer guidance. The problem is that the information is scattered, may not be applicable to your situation, or you might not be able to implement it.

Over the years, through our trainings, we noticed that our clients began having marked success outside the scope of our trainings, yet they all attributed their gains to the lessons learned during our physical courses. We then took a look through all of the information out there to see what the core commonalities were among them and in correlation to our training - looking for the very essence of what works all of the time. The result - 13 Stones.

The 13 Stones are the essential components of brain entrainment that are to applied everyday to aid you in achieving your goals. The stones are guides for your thoughts, words and actions so that you can find and be your highest and best - be it action, direction, vocation, relationship, freedom, or, quite simply, life. The Stones are used to help target what you want and then sharpen your edge so that you can cut through the obstacles and fears that hold you back - be they internal or external in nature. This is not life coaching, rather targeted, true mental training to develop and implement a Dynamic Proactive Mindset.

Physical Intensity
Cerebral Intensity

The Process

The 13 Stones is a series of exercises that can be performed either on a self paced method in our Member Section, or over a series of one-on-one guided consultations along with self paced "homework." The guided consultation program is custom for each individual and the total number of sessions is determined over an initial session done either in person or via Skype (or other mutually agreed upon communication method.) In general, the guided consultation method is done over a series of six sessions with tasks for you to complete between each session. However, no matter which method you choose - self paced or guided - the pace of progress is based on your motivation to complete each part of the work. As you progress, you will be able to remove the weight of each stone from your shoulders and find that you are able to overcome the challenges placed before you as you attain your goals.

We do occasionally run a 13 Stones seminar for larger groups (either one or two full day sessions), so occasionally check the calendar below for dates and city locations, but the best method is to either click on the contact button to start a guided program, or join the Member Section and get going on your own terms.

The Stones

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