Who We Are

3THN2 is simply about what works. We believe everything we do is to create positive movement and disrupt stale patterns that limit your options. We do this by creating real world, realistically applicable environments and strategies that work. The information that we present is what we have found produces the highest rate of positive outcomes. We put forth what we view are core principles, and we hang our reputation on that.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple – we want you to live the life you deserve, free from fear. Our trainings are designed to instill the Dynamic Proactive Mindset in all that you do. Whether or not you incorporate our version of it, or make it your own, you are the only person who controls where you go in life - do not give that control to others. We provide the tools, you provide the result.

What’s in a Name?


Names are designed bring to mind a specific image. They lock you in to a preconceived notion as to who, what, or where. Specific names have specific meanings. Think "tree" - you now have a visual image as to what that is. The word "tree" cannot be anything else because it has been permanently associated with a tree.

3THN2 is designed to move beyond being something to being anything. We provide you only with those things that work. We are not any one specific thing. We are

The Thing That Has No Name

3 T's, 1 H, 2 N's