Essential Training
Tools for Saving Your Life and Changing Your Life

Today, you must be ready anytime, anywhere to take action against an aggressor, whether you are protecting your ideals or your life, and do so with consideration of many factors. The Essential Training course is designed to provide participants with broad spectrum solutions to real world confrontations. When the universe speaks, it is on purpose and we need to listen. It is always speaking to you, it never stops. Most spend lifetimes accepting limited potential. The training is a tool is a tool for transformation, a doorway to another world, a world within. You can live life without the illusion of yesterday or tomorrow; you can see past the suffering and fear to an existence of infinite promise and possibility. By learning the basic tools from this foundation course you have the power and ability to reclaim your life from the world of “I can’t,” flinging you headlong into a paradigm of “I can”. You can learn to live fearlessly by understanding the constructs defining “the moment” and relating the physics of the metaphysics to your inherent ability to transform personal and collective destiny. Believing is easy, it requires little from us in the long run. If you want to know more; if you are ready to move from believing to knowing, then this training is for you. The “hidden life tools” are those that are with you once the course ends:

  • Maximising self confidence
  • Initiation of the relaxation response
  • Improve your level of creativity
  • Expansion of your awareness
  • Transcending your fears
  • Recognising that you have emotional mastery
  • The ability to change your destructive habits
  • Simple, effective, anyone can learn it
  • Training is professional and pragmatic
  • Information and methodology is unique and of the highest calibre

The training is limited to 10 participants aged 18 years and older. Contact us to reserve your place.

Training will be held on Saturday, November 19 from 09:00 to 15:00
and Sunday, November 20 from 09:00 to 18:00

Course will be held at
Majorstuhuset - Kirkeveien 64 - 0364 Oslo
Telefon: 932 11 492

Fee 2,499 kr or $312

Download the .pdf form of the flyer

For more information, contact Ken Johnson