Law Enforcement Training

Essential Tactical Training for Law Enforcement

The Essential Tactical Training for Law Enforcement course is designed to provide participants with broad spectrum solutions to real world confrontations. Today’s officer must be ready anytime, anywhere to take action against an agressor, but must do so with consideration of modern use of force requirements, terrain restrictions, situational awareness, and the understanding that their response can be recorded at anytime, by anyone. ETT provides law enforcement personnel with both hands on physical training and understanding of the mental processes and stress response experienced during an encounter. The ETT course:

  • is designed to provide a rapid learning curve
  • does not require constant practice
  • takes into account all body types
  • works with non-compliant persons
  • covers armed attackers
  • covers multi-threat attacker
  • enables participants to respond from any position and be able to control any weapon

The ETT course is customized to meet the needs of each department or organization, so please contact us directly for more detailed information.

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