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Our membership program is very simple.  Membership provides you with access to information, training, videos, downloads, and more for all things related to Protection, Performance, and Tai Ji.

As an added benefit, your monthly membership fee also accrues as a credit toward the cost of attending a live training course in your membership field.  For example, you start your membership and then decide to attend on of our live training courses ten months later.  By the time of the course, you would have earned a credit of $120.00 toward the course fee.  (Remember, the credit is toward the course fee only, not any other expenses such as travel, food, lodging, etc.)

Protection Member

The Protection Membership provides access to training scenarios, target charts, personal safety information and much more.  New material added twice monthly in order to give you time to explore and use the information provided.

Monthly fee of $12.00

Add on to one of the other membership packages for an additional $2 a month.

Performance Member

The Performance Membership provides access to both physical and mental training information to enable you to achieve peak performance.  Content is updated twice monthly and can be customized to your needs.

Monthly fee $12.

Add on to one of the other membership packages for only an additional $2 per month.

Liang Yi Tai Ji Member

The Liang Yi Tai Ji Membership provides you with access to the incredible benefits of this martial art.  The material covers the full spectrum of the system and has benefits far beyond the standard Tai Ji training.

Monthly fee $12

Add on to one of the other membership packages for only an additional $2 a month.

Membership Program Information

  1. All membership terms are subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  2. Accrued credit toward live training if for the cost of the 3THN2 course fee only and credit may not be used for another expenses you may incur to attend the training.  Training credit may only be used to training attended within the United States.  3THN2 is not obligated to provide training under this program, nor is 3THN2 obligated to provide training in a location near you.
  3. In the event you choose to discontinue your membership with 3THN2, or you have a break in membership for any reason, then all accrued credit shall be forfeited.  If you choose to reinstate your membership after a break in service, then you may begin accruing training credit again from a starting balance of zero dollars.
  4. Once you attend a live training program, your membership access will automatically be expanded to cover additional categories at the sole discretion of 3THN2.  This additional access is provided at no additional monthly charge.