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Blue has its emphasis on greater mental awareness and focus. The tools taught and used will enable you to learn how to quiet the mind, even in the most stressful situations, and focus your mental energy on the solution to the problem, not merely reacting to it. That is a tall order given today’s fast paced society and attention deficit disorder enabling technology, but Blue is decidedly up to the task. The ability to center and “know thyself” is more vital today than it has ever been. This course is less physically intensive and much more introspective. The physical component is similar to moving meditation and utilizes the same principles as the other courses to enhance both learning and retention of the information presented. The skills learned are immediately applicable and immensely profound. If you find yourself mentally drained at the end of the day, feel overwhelmed by all that you face, or simply cannot find any downtime in your life, then our Blue course is for you.

How does the training work?

Smartphones, tablets, computers, texting, social media, and all things connected have been fantastic additions to our everyday lives. However, as wonderful as these advances have been, the toll on our personal space has been immense. Rarely can you actually disconnect. Work, friends, family, and even complete strangers can find you practically any time of the day or night. Blue is designed to instill the tools and skills for greater focus and calming through both physical and mental exercises.

You are not separated from your body, it is the tool that your mind uses to interact with this world. Change, positive or negative, can happen through altering how either the body or mind responds to a stimulus. Take jogging for example. If you do not jog, odds are your first time jogging would be fairly short and most likely not too much fun. In order to improve the experience you can generally either:

  1. Keep jogging so that the body becomes stronger and more used to it resulting in being able to run longer and faster. This improvement in physical ability would increase your sense of accomplishment and greatly improve how you feel about jogging.
  2. Mentally tell yourself that you like/love jogging. Every time you jog, you put a positive thought to it, even when it physically hurts. Over time, this positive linkage results in you linking jogging with something you enjoy. You then spend more time doing it and the body begins to strengthen and improve your performance.

Option 1 is called the behavioral approach. In this, you alter your behavior, which then begins to alter how you feel or react to something. Option 2 is called the thought, or cognitive, approach. In this, you alter your thoughts first which then alters you behavior or physical interaction with your environment. Blue uses both approaches to affect lasting change over just a short weekend training. The learning process is stimulated using physical movement and sensory activation through a moving meditation exercise. The nature of these movements activate the areas of the brain that process sensory information first, allowing the cognitive processing centers to be more receptive to learning and retention of information. The movements are also done slower than the other Red or Green courses, thereby enhancing focus training. Static mediation exercises are also incorporated, using both guided and sound based methods. This allows for learning regardless of your experience level.

Dynamic movement combined with mental focus. Simple yet profound. Balanced and adaptable. This is Green.

The training is designed to enhance your awareness, concentration and counter balance the often overstimulated brain. You learn to balance and center yourself regardless of your surroundings or situation so that you can take advantage of all the options available. You become more creative in your solutions and escape the basic linear approach brought about by the simple repetition in everyday living. With Green, you learn according to your structure and ability. The exercises are done both alone and interacting with the other course participants. More physical than Blue and less intense than Red, yet Green is equally as effective in both form and function.

How does the training work?

Balance in life seems to be harder and harder to come by these days. Most people attempt to create balance by adjusting the things that they do. They adjust how much time they spend doing this thing and how much time they spend doing that thing. While helpful in the moment, this does not result in lasting change. Why? Well that is because the changes are being made to external things in life, and lasting change can only start from internal changes. Changing your thoughts and how you interact with the world around you are the keys to long term success.

Green lays the foundation to your success by having you learn a new pattern of movements and then, once you have it down, having you creatively change the pattern. This engages both the left and right hemispheres of the brain and opens up a dynamic thinking process that you can use in all aspects of your life. You generally have a dominant thinking pattern (logical, creative, detail oriented, overview only, etc.) and Green gets you to move outside of your self imposed box, and that simple act begins to create positive change.

You will utilize movements from our 108 Coordination Set and practice them both individually and in pairs with other course participants. These movements act as both a form of moving meditation and sensory activation that initiates long term learning, so the information stays with you for the long term and the changes are profound.

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