Protection Training

These are the top tier self protection training courses. You will not find better.  The courses utilize both hand to hand and hand to weapon scenarios, extensive training on body mechanics, and close quarters decision making.  Our courses focus on decisive action - enhancing the principles of confidence, decision making, prioritization skills, effective action, and solution oriented thinking - when you engage in an aggressive situation.  These skills are essential in life threatening situations and everyday life.  This is not sport training.  In addition to universally applicable life skills, you will leave at the end of the course knowing that you can handle whatever situation comes your way, aggressive or not in nature.  The goal at the end of the course is to turn the initial response in an unfamiliar situation from a negative action to one of forward moving, option seeking, positive action.

How does the training work?

The issue today is that most people merely talk.

Talk about doing something.
Talk about making a change.
Talk about...whatever...

Action is rarely taken, and proactive, effective, decisive action is rarer still.  3THN2 self protection training roots the lessons in action - activating the brain on multiple levels for a true proactive change.

Your training will stimulate the learning process through physical movement and sensory activation.  The nature of these movements activate the areas of the brain that process sensory information first, allowing cognitive processing centers to be more receptive to learning and retention of information.  The principles taught during the training are universal and work from the dark alley to the corporate boardroom.  The process is creative, extremely fun, enlightening, and “right brain” in approach.  Like riding a bicycle, the training becomes second nature - easily accessible when needed.

The confidence improvement gained from the course provides a solid platform for you to handle any situation as well as begin to apply the principles learned in everyday life.  Each application serves to reinforce the learning, making it easier and easier to do.

Training is provided in one, two or three day seminar format.

Physical Intensity
Cerebral Intensity

Core Self Protection is simple, direct and effective. This one day course is designed to give you both the skill and confidence to handle face to face physical aggression. The Core course covers:

  • Cyber Safety

  • Ploys used to gain your trust

  • Awareness and warning signs of dangerous situations

  • Basic body dynamics

  • How, when, where to strike

  • How to use the Dynamic Proactive Mindset to eliminate fear

  • Hands on training

Advanced Self Protection is a two day course that takes you to the next level. This course covers everything offered in the Core course and adds:

  • Proper body positioning to generate ultimate power

  • Beginning understanding of the effects of the Stress Response and how to minimize its effects

  • Next level activation of the Dynamic Proactive Mindset

  • Beginning level verbal conflict resolution strategies

  • More hands on training to enhance skill level

Dynamic Self Protection is a three day course that provides all the necessary components to enable you to be highly effective after completion. The Dynamic course covers everything in the Advanced course plus:

  • Advanced activation of the Dynamic Proactive Mindset to eliminate fear

  • Advanced explanation of the Stress Response and how to use Primers to minimize its effects

  • Multi-attacker training

  • Full spectrum weapon disarms

  • Even more hands on training!

Protection Training Schedule

Don't see a training that meets your needs?  Let us know as we will add additional courses based on demand levels.

Training Eligibility

Protection course training is open to adults age 18 and older.  Due to the highly effective nature of the training, we do not offer courses to minors under the age of 18 with the following exceptions:

  1. We will train girls age 13 and up. Girls ages 13 to 15 must have a parent or guardian attend the course with them. No exceptions.
  2. Training for boys under the age of 18 is on a case by case basis only, and subject to our instructors sole discretion.  If you would like for us to consider training for a minor male, contact us.

Clients attending the Advanced or Dynamic training courses may be subject to background check.  Those with felony convictions are not eligible to participate in our protection course training.  Individuals with domestic violence arrests (not just convictions) are not eligible for training unless they have been trouble free for 5 years post incident, have successfully completed anger management (or equivalent), and have had a personal consultation with either of our Co-Founders.

Our commitment is to provide you with a safe and highly effective training environment.