Organizational & Group Training

Why Train your People?

Organizations and groups behave like people. They have personalities and modes of operation. They have good qualities and bad ones. Why is this? Simple, they are run by people, and the collective personalities and traits of those that work there define the personality of the organization. Your group. People train to improve their health, their skills, and their lives. The better the training, the better the results. By training their people, organizations and groups improve their competitive health, their skills, and the well being of both customers and personnel. And, just like for an individual, the better the training, the better the results. So how do you affect positive change and improve your organizational direction and impact on the world around it?

Upgrade your Human Technology

3THN2's organizational and group courses are designed to do just this - create positive change within your people and teams. This change can then manifest itself in improved team cohesion, or better interaction with customers or across internal divisions, or better workplace attitude, or all of it. The results are as unique as there are people, but they all bring about Positive change. Creative change. Focused change. Flexible change. Adaptable change. Change that enhances both Teamwork and Personal Empowerment.

Our training courses work because we understand how people learn and retain information. We utilize a modified cognitive-behavioral approach whereby specific coordination drills are used in conjunction with mental stimulus to ensure that the information is retained. The coordination drills are done both individually and with other course participants to enhance both the sense of individual empowerment and teamwork through the shared experience. Our instructors also work with senior management or organization training personnel to ensure that the training will align with the your needs - whether that is helping a cross organizational team gain greater cohesion, helping the sales force to gain greater focus, improving creativity within a group to make problem solving faster and more enjoyable, or all of the above.

Our Training Courses

Our training courses are specifically engineered to achieve maximum results in a limited time frame . We maintain a standard core curriculum for these courses, but each is specifically tailored to meet your unique requirements. This is accomplished not by altering the dynamics of each course, but rather customizing the lessons that are to be linked to the training. This makes each course infinitely adaptable to work across all lines within your organization.