A New Year’s Wish

The team here at 3THN2 wishes you a happy and prosperous 2013!!

In honor of the new year, we will provide you with the simple truth that can and will change your life immediately.....

Be Happy now!

That's it. Choose to be happy, and you will always experience happiness.

Do Your Best Good
We have been taught to struggle, to fight, to compete because there is not enough.

There is no fighting in nature.

Everything is in harmony.

Would you be content if you had everything you needed?

There is enough in the world if we share....if we take care of ourselves and our fellow man.

First raise your self esteem.

Feel good about yourself.

Think of the good you have done for others.

Make a list of things to appreciate...no matter how short or small...begin where you are with what you have.

Then from your better feeling space...go out and help a stranger.

Life is not theoretical...its here...

Do your best wherever good is needed